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Medical Waste

We guide and help you through every step of the process, from understanding proper segregation of waste types, proper transportation of the waste, and proper treatment and disposal of the waste.

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Sharps Waste

Our trained technicians will professionally pickup, remove, and replace containers from your place of business without distraction. We will provide you with information regarding what goes into the sharps containers. Our service also has an option for us to bring the new containers to you, rather than you having to order them from a third party.

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Hazardous Waste

We help you implement a process that safely and efficiently directs your facilities waste to the appropriate transportation and treatment resources.

Pharmaceutical Waste

We partner with you to create and implement a program that ensures proper categorization and appropriate treatment of your Pharmaceutical and expired med waste.

Waste Auditing & OSHA Training

We provide a variety of online solutions that provide tracking of collection and destruction. We also provide compliance services for training related to OSHA, Blood Borne Pathogens, ICD9 – ICD10 coding, HIPAA, and safety plan building, to mention a few, as part of our service.

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HIPAA Compliant Shredding

Our team is trained and HIPAA complaint to safely collect, transport and destroy your confidential documents and media.

We Provide 5 Star Service

Based in Atlanta and serving 159 counties in Georgia, Med Waste Industries is your integrated Medical Waste solution provider.

Our mission is to help people every day by providing our customers with the best 5-Star service in the industry and a cost effective solution to their medical waste that keeps them compliant. We help with ensuring employee and customer safety, and with keeping compliant with HIPAA and all state and federal laws in accordance with OSHA to create a safe and protected environment.

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Latest Technology

Our technicians from their desktop or mobile app can see your address, phone number, service subscribed to, frequency of pickup, special instructions, hours of operation, directions and complete a pickup with both parties signing and an automatic email of the manifest being sent once signature is completed.

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Customized Solutions

We can provide turnkey service that includes Waste Collection, Pharmaceutical Disposal, Sharps Container Replacement, Hazardous Medical Waste, and HIPAA Compliant shredding, all in one service agreement. You can choose which services you need, and you can have flexibly scheduled pickups: weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

Unlimited Options

Our goal is to make your life easier by reducing the number of vendors you have to deal with entering your office. We can structure a program that keeps you compliant, minimizes the effort on your part, and saves you money.

Digital Compliance & Digital Tracking

Our solutions are designed so that everyone has easy access to data. Should an audit occur, you can easily go online to print out the required information related to Medical Waste Collection or OSHA Compliance training. This is the same place you will assign your staff to complete and print certificates of training. You can also build and store your safety plan in the system.


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